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Welcome to The Stomping Room! A place where your child can embrace new experiences, explore at their own pace, and learn all about the world around them. The Stomping Room is a home-based, child-first playschool where your child can learn from doing hands on activities and choosing materials to guide their own learning. Utilizing principals from both the Montessori and Reggio-Emilia philosophies, our educational approach will foster independence in each child while also fostering a sense of community within our classroom. Teachers will act as support, watching and learning from how the children interact with their environment, their interests, and each other to guide daily lessons.


How We Started

"I've always known I wanted to homeschool my children. When my son, Silas, turned 4, his father and I started thinking more seriously about the start of his education. I knew I wanted something much more laid back than traditional homeschooling, so I started looking into "unschooling" him. I spent a lot of time just watching him learn in his typical environment and the biggest thing that I recognized was how well he thrived among peers - he's very motivated by working with others. I wanted to provide that experience for him, so I decided to homeschool him along with a few others whose families wanted a similar experience. We started off with just four littles and had so much fun! As interest grew, so did our school. We decided to expand into a fully functioning preschool and extend our love of exploring, learning, and creating with other preschoolers. We are so excited to embark on this next journey with even more friends to learn from!"


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